New Gemstones Arriving

Our latest shipment of over 30 cases of gemstones recently arrivedto our warehouse, and we are going through them now. This is always one of my favorite jobs, as we get to see hundreds of styles cut at our request. With over 250 styles of stones and over 500 shapes, there are hundreds of thousands of gemstones varieties available. When we place orders, we use customer requests and sales histories to determine which shapes and cuts to get in which stones. Many of these are often new styles, never before made.

NEW STONES: Among the new stones in this order are blue & green crazy lace (above), gorgeous new labradorite (above), various colors of banded agate… blue, red, yellow, & green , dumortierite, impression stone (above), silver smoke jasper, silver leaf jasper, tibetan style banded agate, and blue coral. Most of these will be available in most Potomac Bead Company locations

NEW SHAPES: In addition to dozens of new stones are also dozens of new shapes. A few of our favorites include the photos below: 12-14mm Irregular Tumbled Multi-Faceted Rounds, 30mm Wave Discs, 40mm Open Hearts, Carved 18x25mm Ovals, Graduated Fans, Graduated Rounds, and Multi-Faceted Nuggets. There are still dozens of new shapes and stones to come. To see photos of the new gemstones as they come out of the boxes, visit our “what’s new” page at