Gift the Gift of Jewelry Making this Holiday Season!

With the holidays right around the corner, you may be racking your brain for the perfect gift for a dear friend or family member. Holiday shopping can be stressful and some individuals can be difficult to buy for.  Have you considered giving someone (or even yourself!) the gift of a craft, providing them with basic materials to create something beautiful?  Beading and jewelry making is an enjoyable hobby for all ages and it can be the perfect gift for someone in your life who enjoys being creative.  Potomac Bead has everything you need to give the gift of jewelry making to someone and I’d like to share those with you! Whether it’s basic stringing, wireworking, or beadweaving, the Potomac Bead Company has everything you need- tools, supplies, tutorials, and patterns – to give someone the gift of jewelry making this holiday season.


Perhaps the simplest form of jewelry making, basic jewelry stringing materials are the perfect gift for individuals of all ages.  Stringing projects are usually quick, uncomplicated, and you don’t need more than a handful of supplies to create beautiful jewelry.  Stringing includes single strand jewelry, but also multi strand projects, and pearl-knotting as well. The Potomac Bead Company actually sells pre-assembled kits for stringing, containing everything you need, making your shopping for supplies much easier!  The kit does only contain 4 strands of beads, but you can always purchase additional beads like gemstones, freshwater pearls, Czech fire-polished beads, and more to add to your gift..


2241-2THere is a list of everything you need for basic stringing.  Like I said, you can purchase them in a convenient kit, or separately if you want other options.

Be sure to check out this video below on how to use these basic tools for stringing jewelry.


You may think that beadweaving is too ambitious, and not an easy craft to adopt.  The truth is, every seasoned beadweaver started out as a beginner. You can give the gift of beadweaving to a seasoned and highly experienced beader, but you can also gift it to someone with no experience at all!  The Potomac Bead company carries a number of kits for various levels of ability, including a basic starter kit for those with zero experience.


Essential Starter Beadweaving Kit

For your convenience, Potomac Bead sells an Essential Starter Beadweaving Kit for beginners that includes all of the basic beadweaving supplies and materials you need, along with three printed beadweaving patterns.  It really is the perfect gift for yourself or someone else who is looking to dabble in a new craft.  You can choose to purchase the starter kit, or pick and choose exactly what you want using the supply list below!


Potomac Bead carries a number of pre-assembled project kits that include everything you need for a specific design including a pattern and all beads and findings.  This is a great grab-and-go gift option since the pattern and color selection are already done for you. You can find the projects below and so many more at  Click here to check them out!


Have you heard about Potomac Bead’s Subscription Boxes?  The subscription boxes are the next best thing and a great gift for yourself or someone you know!  Subscription boxes are sent out monthly and are available in two sizes. Depending on the size, the boxes come with one or two patterns and all the beads and findings you would need to complete those projects, plus more!  You can purchase a 1-month subscription, 3-month, 6-month, or if you’re feeling super generous, a full year of beadweaving projects delivered to your door each month. Click here for more details on Subscription Boxes and check out the video below.


Last but certainly not least are the wireworking projects you can gift to yourself or someone else.  There are endless things you can do with wire, but I’m going to point out some basics that would make great gifts.

Before getting started with any wire jewelry project, you want to make sure you have a good set of tools incuding needlenose pliers, flat or chain nose pliers, and cutters.  These are essential for wireworking and you can buy all three here!


Cabochon or stone wrapping is a great starter project for jewelry making with wire.  Potomac bead has a number of Youtube videos on how to wrap cabchons, sea glass, donut stones, and more.  Each video gives detailed instructions on how to create these beautiful pieces of jewelry and provides with you a list of all materials you need.  Perhaps you have a stone or a shell you found and you’ve been holding on to – why not turn it into a piece of jewelry?



Potomac Bead has a number of beautiful and adorable Christmas and Holiday earring kits that contain everything needed to create them (except for the pliers!).  They are a thoughtful and inexpensive kits that are perfect for the upcoming holiday season.  Here is a list of all the adorable earring kits.  Grab yours before they’re gone!


If you’re picking up a new craft or gifting it to someone, be sure to remember to use Potomac Bead’s Youtube channel to find tutorials on how to do pretty much EVERYTHING!  If you’re stuck on how to do a specific stitch, or need a reminder on how to coil eye-pins for earrings, be sure to utilize all that Potomac Bead’s channel has to offer.

I hope you  have an amazing holiday season and enjoy gifting to others!  If you’re stuck on what to get someone, try giving them the gift of jewelry making!







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