New Multi-Hole Beads of 2015

Multi-hole beads of 2015!

2-hole beads, 4-hole beads… what is next?  While we have a lot of new designs currently in production, we also carry nearly every other multi-hole bead available in our stores, and at  Would you like to see a list of what is available in 2-hole and 4-hole bead shapes?

Launched so far in 2015 are the following…

CzechMates Crescent bead:
A two-hole crescent moon shape, 3x10mm
Crescent beads available here

Kheops Par Puca bead:
A two-hole triangle shape, 6mm
Kheops Par Puca beads available here

Potomac Bead Company’s RounDuo bead:

A two-hole round bead, 5mm
RounDuo beads available here

CzechMates QuadraTile:
A square shape/tile bead with four holes, 6mm
QuadraTile beads available here

CzechMates QuadraLentil:
Like the QuadraTile, this is a four hole bead, but in a disc/lentil shape, 6mm
QuadraLentil beads available here

Half Moon Beads:Another new moon shape bead, but instead of a crescent, it half a thicker half-circle shape, 4x8mm
Half moon beads available here

Es-O beads:
This new bead is like a mix between a RounDuo and SuperDuo, giving a round pinched feel to a disc shape bead, 5mm
Es-O beads available here

CzechMates 2-hole bar:
Another new CzechMates bead, this in a bar shape, 2x6mm
2-hole bar beads available here

… and we have more on the way, so stay tuned!

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