Another New Store

We are heading to Ohio tomorrow to open our 10th bead store in the Potomac Bead Company Franchise organization. It has been a great honor for us having the privilege to put new entrepreneurs on their first steps and watch them grow and develop as store owners. The new store in Medina, OH is our first Ohio location, and is located just west of Akron and south of Cleveland. As with each new store, in this next week we will be adjusting final signage, hanging all of the products that have been arriving over the past 3 months, and putting the final touches on this beautiful new 2-level store. Potomac Bead Company Medina opens this weekend, and we will have new photos soon that highlight the improvements to this beautiful space in a great and thriving downtown.

One thought on “Another New Store”

  1. I went to the Medina location store this weekend, and unfortunately had a negative experience. The space itself is beautiful. Too bad the customer service is not as impressive. I had been in the store 15-20 minutes without a single staff member saying hello or making me feel welcome, not to mention explaining the way things work at the store. There was only one other customer in the store at the time.

    Matter of fact, there were 4 or so employees (and owner?) clustered around one of the counters eating their lunch, who could not be bothered to ask if I needed help. After another 10 minutes or so, someone asked if I had been in before, and when I said “no”, did nothing further.

    I walked away, without purchasing a thing, because I had a bad feeling. I would not support a store which has such poor customer service when I have many choices available to me.


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