New Beads & Photography

As I‘ve said before, we love going through new bead shipments… at least for the first day. After the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th days, unpacking can become tedious, but odly exciting at the same time. Often as Allie and I are unpacking and photographing new shipments, Allie will suddently grab a strand of beads, run over to her bead board, grab some wire, leather, or silver spacers, and start creating. “I have an idea and don’t want to forget it” she will say.

Of course, as Allie and others are unpacking, checking off against the order sheet, and distributing for shipments to each of our stores, I am often photographing each new item as it comes out of the box. Some months this means thousands of new pictures, each of which must be edited, saved, filed, and resized for various future uses (signage, order sheets, website, etc.). Although my focus has always been business, I’ve always enjoyed and dabbled in photography. Having spent quite a bit of time around a darkroom when I was younger, I must say that the advances in digital photography are both amazing an useful! Over the years, we have photographed nearly every one of the 50,000+ items that have been sold in our stores. Obviously, this has forced me to become quite efficient at doing so, even if we have several thousand photos waiting for editing at any given time.

Because many of our customers have jewelry design businesses of their own, we are often asked “how can I make my jewelry photos better”? To answer that, we created the Potomac Bead Company Photography Tutorial to help anyone with an interest in photographing jewelry, beads, or other small detailed items in an affordable and efficient way. While this is by no means the only way of taking photographs, perhaps you will find it useful!

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