Bead Store Challenges and Opportunities

Running a network of bead stores has given us more fun, excitement, and opportunities than anything we’ve ever done. At the same time, managing the operations, websites, payroll, growing bead store franchise system, can be challenging! One of the greatest challenges is distribution. At any given time, we have 5-6 shipments one the way to us from overseas. We must think and plan months ahead to keep inventory in stock. This week is one of those where we receive more orders than can be processed. When we receive shipments of gemstones, pearls, crystals, pewter, copper, silver, findings, chain, pendants, and lampwork beads all at once, we have to pick which must get out to each of our bead stores first:

Well, this week is pearls, pewter, and the nice high end gemstones (ruby, malachite, peridot, aquamarine, and more). Next week the metals will follow. Sorting through orders can be great fun, looking to see the new items ordered based on our drawings or ideas. We often welcome input and ideas from our customers as to which shapes, stones, beads, and findings we carry. Potomac Bead Company stores can find nearly anything if given the opportunity, and we sometimes love the challenge. Of course, after days of sorting, it feels good to finally get those products on the floors and to our customers. Finally, eeing the excitement on their faces each time new shipments arrive is the most satisfying feeling of all!

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