Travel, Beads, and Networking

One great advantage of our bead industry, as well being in the fortunate position of franchising bead stores, we have the great advantage of getting to travel frequently. I will probably repeat this again, but this is such a blessing to us, as we get to see so many parts of the world from so many different angles.

This week we are in Chicago, IL taking advantage of some franchise sales and operations seminars to improve our customer’s and franchisee’s experience at and with The Potomac Bead Company. One of the focuses this week is placing an emphasis on better use of networking utilities such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and of course, our Blog. Well, we are constantly making a more concerted effort to keep our customers, our stores, and our potential future store owners apprised and aware of the exciting growth and happenings at The Potomac Bead Company. Keep in touch with our blogs, or join us on Facebook, LinkIn, or Blogger. We are happy to share our experiences, network, and get to know all of you better.